Not sure you want to pay for “this sort of thing”?  Here’s why people think you should cast aside any doubts to query The Precocious Urchin Company:

Laura sipping a coconut in Costa Rica after graduation from Yale.

Laura L. sipping a coconut in Costa Rica after graduation from Yale.

“Ramon at The Precocious Urchin was instrumental in helping me craft my ‘story’ and perfect my college and graduate school admissions essays.
His ability to listen, identify what was unique about my candidacy,
and work with me to present my story in an original way really helped
me stand out to the admissions committees. Throughout the admissions
process, Ramon was supportive, helpful, and insightful. I would highly
recommend working with him, and can’t thank him enough for helping me
get into Yale for undergrad and NYU for my MBA and MPA!”  – Laura Leslie

Djordje T. outside of his high school in Serbia on a spring 2014 afternoon.

Djordje T. outside of his Serbian high school in spring 2014.

“I’m going into my junior year of high school in Serbia, but I’m pretty sure that I’d like to go to college in the U.S.   Ramon has been my main resource in understanding the application processes for U.S. colleges since 2012. He is a walking library of information about the politics of U.S. college admissions.  For two years now, he has provided me with essential advice about which colleges to consider and how to pursue a degree that will increase my chances of having a great career after college. Although I don’t know where I’ll go to college yet since I still have two more years of high school, I know that with Ramon’s support, I’ll feel much more confident in my applications than I would without him!” – Djordje Takov

Exavier P. at Harvard for a summer 2014 engagement.

Exavier P. at Harvard for a summer 2014 speaking engagement.

“As an attorney, entrepreneur, parent and youth mentor, I believe that one of the greatest things we can do for people is encourage them to establish legacies that are bold and influential. Over the years that Ramon has been in my professional network, he has worn many different hats – from managing editor of a free circular to Sociology grad student. However, the consistency in his personal brand over the last decade lies in his twofold belief that a great piece of writing can take a person a long way, and that it’s imperative to try to go a long way. I’m pleased to find that core value embedded in his ‘Precocious Urchin,’ and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer his services to the many ambitious people in need of them.” – Exavier Pope

Tihomir D. on a weekend getaway to Abu Dhabi.

Tihomir D. on a weekend getaway to Abu Dhabi.

“I teach English in Dubai to native Arabic speakers.  My students have a lot of problems with writing in English.  The Precocious Urchin Co. is the resource I constantly refer them to. Ramon is particularly experienced in writing different kinds of essays and has the patience to explain the numerous steps in academic applications to US universities. For these reasons, several of my students have found his services extremely useful.” – Tihomir Davchev

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