Mission Statement

Columbia, Northwestern, Stanford, the University of Chicago and other prestigious colleges and universities may be reaches for you at the moment.

However, with dedicated assistance from me – someone who gained admission to Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programs at all of those schools and many others over a 10-year period, and someone who has helped dozens of people like you do the same since the year 2000 – you can become a much more competitive candidate than you would otherwise be.

Among my credentials, I count diplomas from the Whitney Young Academic Center and Whitney Young Magnet High School, a Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University’s School of Communication (Summa Cum Laude), a Masters from the University of Chicago’s Department of Sociology, a decade of professional writing experience, a dedicated network of admissions staff at U.S. News Top 50 universities and liberal arts colleges, and a great deal of patience and sensitivity.

Although my services have been conceived principally with current applicants to U.S. undergraduate and graduate programs in mind, I’m pleased to offer them to you as early as it’s determined that you need them. My fees are based on a sliding scale, and they can be fixed or hourly.

To discuss working together, please E-mail me at robinson.ramon@gmail.com any day of the week.


Ramon Robinson

Founder of The Precocious Urchin Company


Me circa 2010 at Kata Tjuta, an ancient Aboriginal site in the Australian Outback.  Australia is one of 44 countries I’ve visited since I began traveling abroad at age 25 in 2009.

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